Golden State Portable Milling LLC specializes in reclaiming trees deemed unsalvageable.

Kyle Dowd milling on Lucas Mill
Milling walnut on-site with a Lucas mill

We practice eco-friendly on-site milling of live edge slabs, dimensional lumber and more.

  • Milling fallen or downed trees in place
  • Accommodating several surfacing options…(Examples…resawn, rough sawn, planed smooth, skip planed, wire brushed, sanded…)
  • Partnering with clients to provide multiple lumber selection options
  • Adapting to meet client needs

At Golden State Portable Milling LLC we give new life to trees.

GSPM was called in when Redwoods slid down a mountains on a property in Santa Cruz due to flooding and slope insecurity. Everything milled was re-used on site. At another job site, local Redwood was salvaged and repurposed to build a brewery and support a public school wood-shop program. In Timber Cove, redwoods were cleared for a fire break. All of the lumber was used on-site in a build for a custom home.