Kyle Dowd, Owner/Operator

Let’s Work Together

I work with individuals and organizations who want specialized lumber milled on-site. My passion for forestry started in 2007 when I free-hand cut my first bench instead of cutting it into firewood. Opening that log up and revealing the grain is still my favorite moment of milling lumber.

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I always had a deep appreciation for our native trees. I have been working with wood for over 15 years and have had a professional milling business since 2014.

At Golden State Portable Milling LLC (GSPM) we are passionate about lumber. We reclaim trees that are deemed salvage (dead, deceased, dying, and hazardous) and mill them into lumber. We go the extra mile to provide custom portable milling to meet any unique project requirement. Customer satisfaction is always our end goal.


Recommend with great confidence

Being a Sawyer I can recommend Kyle with great confidence. The man knows what he is doing. He has great equipment and will work like a machine all day!
Scot Miller

Giant tree wafers

These guys were cool and did a good job with a giant triple black walnut tree in downtown San Jose on a sidewalk in a residential area. Got some giant tree wafers to keep and they look incredible. highly recommend
Niels Miller Jr.

Excellent work ethic

Between the excellent work ethic and the high quality of product produced, referring to a friend who might be in need, is the best kind a friend you can be.
Kelly Ivo Rasmussen

A darn hard worker

You are a glutton for punishment and a darn hard worker. I have not seen very many men that work as hard as you do. Being a Saw miller Myself I sure do respect that.
Fred Buhlert, Saw Miller